A Major Blip

 18 months ago, my path to the South Pole looked pretty much assured. I had two corporate sponsorship offers which, when combined, more than met the funds needed to cover the cost of the ski. I decided all money left over from funding the journey would be put into the donations page.

Just over a month ago everything changed. One company dropped out of the running (I'm still not sure of the reasons why). The second expressed surprise that I might want some funding in return for the free PR and media attention they were going to get. I apologise - my words make me seem a little bitter and that's because I am. With less than 6 months before the off I've been left in the lurch.

What now?

I need help. Donations for both charities are now coming in. The total amount so far is small and I expect this to grow to a sizeable figure. In order not to let down the charities and those who have worked so hard to help me with the journey, I've decided to look at another way of raising funding.


I took an idea (the million dollar homepage) and modified the script. http://www.northbysouth2017.com/ was born.

The Idea

Your company logo and blurb on my website. Rather than simply linking back to your from the front page of NorthBySouth2017.com, I'll create a custom page for you (like this: 1000 sponsors at £100 each. That would give a total of £100,000 - £60,000 to pay for the journey and the rest will be put into the fund on the Virgin Money Giving page.

Details of how it works are here: http://northbysouth2017.com/buypixel.php

What Do You Get?

So what's in it for you and your company? Here's what I can offer you in return for your donation:

  • A link to your website.
  • The opportunity to send one of your products to the South Pole (subject to weight restrictions - the lighter the better).
  • An invitation to a post-event presentation.
  • Media exposure across Bucks and Oxfordshire (and I'm working on national media companies).
  • Your company logo at the South Pole.

Okay, so that's all the usual stuff that people offer in return for donations. I'll go one step further - I'm a former soldier and, as an NCO, have led others in many environments and situations. I'm also a pretty good public speaker who understands leadership. In return for your donation I'll run a free day session on motivation in the workplace (it'll be unlike any you've heard before). Details of the event will follow after I've returned (and recovered).

All that for the tiny sum of £100 - that's real value for money.

Alternatively, I can add your company details to this site (company image, details and link back to your homepage) - let me know which works for you.