An Idea Is Borrowed

Giving the game away. First off, I want to give credit where it's due: the title of this first post is borrowed from the personal blog of someone who spent around a year traveling the globe. Well done girl, you rock!

Okay here's a little about me (more detailed information on the about page).

My name is James Redden. I'm 43 years old (I know some of my friends will be howling at that statement, but, technically, it's true. I'm writing this a couple of days before my birthday - sorry guys :) ). I've led what I think is a pretty interesting life. I've traveled across the globe, been to many interesting places and had some truly great times. From the jungles of South East Asia, the vast expanse of the Sahara, the frigid barrens of Norway to the virgin forests of South America. They're all places I've been fortunate enough to spend time exploring.

All the destinations I've been to were visited in my youth. By the time I reached my thirty third birthday it would be fair to say I'd been around the world multiple times. I'm the first to admit life was pretty exciting. Sadly, sometimes we all need to slow down, take stock of our lives and decide on the next steps.

I always swore I'd never change; my life life would be a constant adventure. And it was, but not in the way I'd imagined. Bringing children into the world is pretty bloody exciting. My kids have both entertained and infuriated me in equal measure, and I love them. The adventures I had envisaged fell by the wayside. I wanted to be a responsible parent, something that baby + papoose + big mountains doesn't equal. So I bit the bullet.

Cue a job in technology which, I have to admit, can be a great way to help shape the future. Moving through the industry at a break neck pace, I soon progressed from general 'IT guy' to the role of architect. Again, still fun work, but there every now and then I could feel that little itch. Technology is cool, but there is still so much in life crying out to be done.

Then it came to: why not dig up that adventurous spirit and use it to do some good? I needed an arduous task that would be grueling enough for me to take it seriously and train properly. It also had to have the 'wow' factor that would draw in significant sponsorship for my chosen charities.

So what to do? The decision was easy: walk to the North Pole and raise funds for two charities (Diana Award and Walking with the Wounded). Future treks are being planned and I will switch the receiving organisations form time to time (so many good causes out there that need help). I'll go into the reasons why I've picked these two in another post.

The task is far from easy. I have an awful lot of training to do, sponsorship to raise and equipment to find, amongst other tasks. The mission I had originally envisaged was pretty simple, but, due to unforeseen circumstances, has undergone a slight modification. More on that point in a later post.

That's all, for now. Big challenge, one year to get ready and plenty to work to do in the build up.

Look forward to a new post soon.