First North Pole Training Video

It's been a few weeks since my last post as I've been busy with a pretty heavy training programme, work, meeting the charities I want to support, etc. All good stuff, I have to admit, but one of the key requirements for getting to the North Pole is having a very specific type of fitness: long distance walking pulling heavy loads in a pulk. The past few weeks training have involved more distance work. I'm still running between five and 13 miles per day, although two of the originally planning days have been dropped in favour of trek training.

Yesterday, armed with my new sports camera, I hit the Chiltern Hills with my tyres and harness and did a couple of hours training. Here are the videos from that session:

North Pole Training Video 1

North Pole Training Video 2

North Pole Training Video 3

I'm first to admit that, when I initially looked at those two tyres, the training was going to be a little too easy. I was wrong! As you can probably tell from my stumbling and grumbling the workout was harder than anticipated.

Hope you enjoy the videos. I'll get some more up soon.