New Plans for 2018

Alternate plans are in place for the South Pole solo which is postponed until 2019/2020

Alternate plans are in place for the South Pole solo which is postponed until 2019/2020

It's been a while since I last updated the blog and now feel ready to get back into both blogging and adventuring. As most of you know, about six weeks ago I had to put the planned South Pole solo on hold. The full funding wasn't in place and there was no way I could afford to self-fund the journey.

Over the next few weeks I'll be blogging my thoughts on the matter both here and on LinkedIn. The idea is to provide a checklist or framework that others can use when planning their epic trips.

One idea I will be exploring is that of how to get sponsors, which seems counterintuitive considering I failed to secure the funds requited, but bear with me. Our the past 18 months I've learned a lot about who to speak to and how. More on that another day.

Existing sponsors, like Black Dog Communications, Mobile Solar Chargers and Natural Balance Foods, will get top billing for their continued sponsorship.

Planned Adventures for 2018

2017 is winding down and we are approaching year's end and the start of 2018. As we shift from one year to the next I'm going to let my disappointments fade. Lessons have been learned and dcoumented, with heavy, pen-jabbing emphasis at times. The remaining weeks of this year will be a time in which I continue to train and prepare for the next trip, which is...

...a ski across Greenland. The planning for this trip started shortly after the South Pole solo fell apart although it would be unfair of me to take credit of doing any of the planning for this journey. My good friend, and fellow adventurer, Ash Routen, let me know of a Greenland crossing, West to East, in mid-2018. The journey will cover about 600 Km and kicks off in either April or May.

Once I had the expedition lead's details I set off on a mission. The result? I'm now on the team. It's not the South Pole, but Greenland is classed as one of the 'three poles' and will be a useful, and tough, training trek as part of my preparation for 2019/2020.

Later in the year, and time permitting, I might try and sneak in an ultra-marathon (one of the two Spine Race events sponsored and run by Montane).

Both events should be good fuel for talks I've been asked to give to various organisations and schools (the Orion School will be my first port of call just before the Greenland trip).

Public Speaking GIgs for 2017 and 2018

Over a year ago, about the time I joined Toastmasters, I could have never imagined so many people would be interested in hearing the stories I have to tell. I don't mean tales of me; they come to listen to the reasons why some of us venture out in the wilds and extreme places; they come to learn something about human nature and the trials and tribulations that are a natural counterpart to endurance events.

Don't view me as an expert - that is something I am not. Instead, I like to see myself as a messenger and one whose narrative can either entertain or, better still, encourage more people to dip their toes into places where adventure still exists.

Two talked are pencilled-in for December 2017 and they will round off a pretty good year during which I've given about 12 talks, to schools and businesses. 2018 is ramping up and there are already 14 talks in my diary - for the first six months.

I need to seek permission before I post the names of companies and schools on the site - I'll link them from another page which will be added when this website is updated in January.

In the meantime I'll also be adding to my list of articles hosted on my LinkedIn account and other sites such as Medium.

Final Thoughts for 2017

The year isn't quite yet over. There have, as always, been some failures and successes: one huge failure taught me many lessons and from this has come a number of smaller successes (not the least the chance the speak in front of a couple of thousand people, which wouldn't have happened had the South Pole journey gone ahead).

You win some, you lose some. And then you win some more.

Lesson for 2017: keep going.