Training, New Sponsors for the South Pole Ski


Yet more days of madness have passed. My training progresses well and now I can comfortably run over ten miles. My timings are nothing to write home about - I average just under eight minute miles - as the aim is to focus on distance, not speed.

I'm now also cycling for two hours a couple of times per week. I read some research that states cycling activates the same muscle groups used by cross country skiers and has been used to train a number of top ranked skiers. If it's good enough for world champions, then it's definitely good enough for me. Besides, running 5 - 6 days a week is a real slog at times.

As you may have seen on both my Facebook and Twitter feeds, the training rig has been built and tested. The first run out was over an area called the Ridgeway, a beautiful location covered in dense woodland which hides a hill created to test your lungs to the very limits of endurance. It's a tough haul to the top.

And I mustn't forget the sessions in the gym, which are nothing to do with vanity. The weight training is designed to combine muscle building with stamina - heavy lifts for a high number of reps. These sessions leave me toasted and the following day it's hard to even think about getting out of bed. That said, I'm seeing improvements in both my stamina and strength which is an excellent result.

A New Sponsor for the Trek

Now some great news: I've got a new sponsor. Black Dog Communications, a specialist comms company with offices in the USA and UK has kindly donated a sizeable sum of money to help make sure the ski happens. To say I'm overjoyed is an absolute understatement. There's still some way to go to meet the full cost of the journey, but the money given by Simon, the director of BDC, will make a huge difference.

Expect to see Black Dog Communication's logos all over my gear.

That's all for today. More over the weekend.