The Urges that Drive Us

Pushingmy boundaries just that little further. Hi. I was mulling over some new ideas for posts and, to be honest, I'm sure most of you don't want to be constantly reading about kit, the perils, etc. That said, for those of you who are interested, I will periodic posts around those topics.

Today I'm going to look at motivations. This post comes off the back of the presentation I recently gave to a number of students on one of the Diana Awards Skills days.

For a very long time, society, and individuals, assumed that where we went in life, what we achieved, is limited due to circumstances, upbringing, etc. Call it 'fixed mindset'. Of course, there have always been enterprising people who are prepared to push beyond that apparent boundaries and reach that little higher. In fact, when you consider the likes of Ranulph Fiennes and Ben Saunders, far higher than it would seem humanly possible.

So what are the urges that drive not only me, but some of my fellow adventurers?

Now there's a question and a half!

For me, it's simple... well, not simple. Let's dig a little deeper.

All my life I've lived for the thrill of the moment. I've jumped freefall from great heights, skied the wilds of Norway, tramped the Sahara. And more. Then I entered into a phase of life where most of us think we should maybe slow down a little and get a serious job. Now, before I go on, there's nothing wrong with having a day job. But we all still need that little bit of adventure to keep us going.

With that last thought in mind, I decided to dust off the old adventurous spirit that had languished in the back of my mind.

Urge No.1: To Keep a Promise

The promise to never forget that we should squeeze every ounce of fun and excitement out of life. As humans, we were built to be tested. Our bodies are incredible machines and our minds are potent tools and, when the two are working in harmony, can propel us to new heights.

Urge No.2: To do Good

A simple urge, but so important. The question I asked myself was this: "What good can I do?" Am I capable of influencing just one person to go out and discover life beyond the normal day to day? Yes, I am. And, if that one person influences on other, etc, then I've created a wave of good. Enough said!

Urge No.3: It's about the Charity, mate

Unfortunately, we don't have a system whereby a hearty hug can be exchanged for a slap up fried breakfast in Hereford's finest cafes! That means, in the main, we still require money to get stuff done. Even charities need to pay their stuff (goodwill doesn't buy you a lot nowadays). Bur more importantly, those same charities need funds to spread their word. Enter fund raising!

Urge No.4: To Relieve the Boredom

Okay, I'm being a little harsh. I do like my job in IT, but sometimes you just need to break out and find something more exciting to do. Even if it's a two trek across the Scottish highlands. Blow the accumulated rubbish out the system, kick boredom into the long grass and really have some fun. That's really all there is to it.

Urge No. 5: To be a Positive Influence on my Children

Yeah I know, that makes me look like I'm some kind of monster father when I'm not preparing for a major trek. But I'm not. If anything, I think my kids would agree that I'm a pretty good parent. The thing is, I want more. More than just being 'dad', I'd like them to see what I do and understand; influence them in a very positive way.

Urge No. 6: To Experience Life Through the Eyes of a Child

Seriously! Recall your youth and the wonder with which you viewed the world. Now how many of us adults can honestly say we still see life through those sames lenses? The chance to take a step back, see the world from a child's perspective is not only refreshing, but might actually help us to rekindle that creative mindset we left on the race track to adulthood.

I think that's pretty much it. Looking back over this post, I'm reminded of the fortunate position I'm in: relatively wise to the world, still strong and fit, determined to see amazing places and deliver a message to the generations of youth who coming up fast in the rear view mirror. I sincerely hope as many of you as possible can join me the roller coaster and, eventually, overtake me and do some truly awesome stuff in your own lives (if you aren't already).