What I'm Planning to do in 2017

You know what's like: you've recently finished an amazing journey and you head back to the office, full of life and stories. Within weeks the disillusionment starts to set in and you look for ways to get back out into the wilds. So I posed the question, "What next?" And I came up with this - a full distance, solo, unsupported and unaided ski to the South Pole. Nothing like going big.

Start date will be November 2017 (lots of planning and funding to raise hence announcing now; 17 months before I set off). Distance is about 683 miles and one I'm aiming to complete in under 30 days (there, said it so now there's no going back on the timeframe).

In between now and the South Pole I'm planning a shorter 350 mile through Norway. This will allow me to test gear, work on skiing skills and validate my fitness levels.

I think that's all for now. I'm for a pork pie (valuable calories...).

One more request: I've set up a page but, due to changes made by FaceBook I can't change the @ handle until I have 25 Likes. Can everyone that sees this message share it across their list of friends, Like the page and ask their mates to do the same? Thank you all. Here's the page: