Your logo on my skis. See below for more details.

Your logo on my skis. See below for more details.

Your logo on my jacket. See below for more details.

Your logo on my jacket. See below for more details.

Update - Christian Eide, fastest skier to the South Pole has challenged to break his record.

Want to be part of a world record attempt? Read on...

I'm Going to the south Pole

Yay! Well, not quite. I need your help to make this happen. You see, my sponsors haven't delivered and now the deposit is due and I don't have enough money to fund the trip. I'm determined to get there and have explored a number of avenues (including selling myself on eBay. Don't worry, this isn't happening). 

I still have a number of ideas to help raise the total £75k for the journey and will be putting those into action over the course of the next few weeks. The aim is to use multiple sources to generate the full amount. And here is one of them - I’ll take your business to the South Pole. The idea is simple:

If you want your business to come with me and help in this huge endeavour, I'll take your company banner or logo and photograph it at the South Pole. Contributions will be used to fund the ski and for the editing and refining process required to make the documentary ready for TV.

The first question you have is: Why? What makes your journey so different from the other 26 people in the world who've soloed to the South Pole? The answer is below...


Your logo on my pulka. See below for more details.

Your logo on my pulka. See below for more details.

Your logo on my down jacket and hat. See below for more details.

Your logo on my down jacket and hat. See below for more details.

Exploring Isolation and Loneliness

I’m raising awarenesss and funds for Lindengate, Red Balloon and the Hoplite Foundation (all charities that focus on mental health issues experienced by all sectors of society. But what about the unsung heroes: the carers, family members or paid? They give their time and care; they subject themselves to periods of isolations and loneliness as part of their job or duty. These are the people so often forgotten.

And an attempt to break the UK speed record

At 48 years old I've decided I can break Christian Eide’s record. And it's not a long shot. I've skied hard for long distances and understand how to operate in extremes. 

WHat do you get?

A lot of publicity. News of my journey has already been picked up by one of the world's largest tech companies as well last media outlets in Bucks and Oxfordshire. I'm also working with a large PR company to syndicate news across many streams.

Photos of you company banner standing tall and proud at the Geographic South Pole.

More information can be found on my press coverage page.

What Else do you get in return for sponsorship?

Your name all over my gear. All my equipment will be photographed and videoed during the ski to the South Pole and the media posted on FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter. This means your company logo is going to get a lot of visibility.

The Costs

Banners and Flags at the South Pole

You have two choices:

£500 buys you a photo of you company flag or banner at the South Pole and an invitation to an after-event presentation.

£1,000 buys you the above plus a two day polar experience in Norway where you’ll spend 48 hours living the life of a polar explorer.

Placement Prices

Here are the options if you want to your logo on my equipment - plenty of coverage of the journey and visibility of your business.

Skis - £1,000 per slot. 4 spaces available.

Shell jacket - £3,000 per slot. 8 spaces available.

Pulka - £2,000 per slot. 8 spaces available.

Down jacket - £2,000 per slot. 8 spaces available.

Front of hat - £10,000. 1 space available.

Banner used for post-trek talks - £500. 50 spaces available.

And there's more. Following the journey I will be giving a number of talks to companies, schools and groups of people interested in the great outdoors. Your logos be visible on my clothes and on a banner that will be created after I return from the South Pole.

And I can talk. Really talk. Want me to come and give a presentation to your company? Then let's start a conversation. I've travelled the world, worked in some crazy places and, along the way, picked up some great thoughts and tips on how we can work better. If you want a private talk tailored to your companies values we can do that.

Why Wait?

Send me an email and let's talk.